Complex Trauma Training Center Staff

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Alisa Sponseller (She / Her)

Community Manager

Alisa Sponseller brings a decade of dedicated customer service expertise to her role as Community Manager. With a passion for helping individuals feel supported and empowered, Alisa is committed to guiding those who seek to explore the transformative journey of healing complex trauma.

“In every aspect of this work, I approach it with genuine compassion and empathy. My driving force is the desire to ensure that anyone looking to dive deeper into healing complex trauma discovers the personalized support and guidance they deserve. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this journey with you.”


Becki Lanter (She / Her)

Operations Manager

Becki Lanter is Operations Manager for the Complex Trauma Training Center.  She brings years of experience managing operations teams in higher education. With a background in engineering, Becki enjoys a balance of working with people and processes to successfully execute plans and projects.

“I’m drawn to work that allows me to use my operations management skills in support of a greater mission. The work at the Complex Trauma Training Center to advance individual and collective change through the healing of developmental trauma is incredibly important in the world. I’m thrilled to be part of the team engaged in this work.”


Brad Kammer (He / Him)

Training Director

Brad Kammer, LMFT, LPCC is the Training Director and Senior Trainer for the Complex Trauma Training Center. Brad is responsible for the creation of the CTTC professional development programs, including working with Dr. Laurence Heller in developing the NARM Therapist and NARM Master Training Programs offered through CTTC.  Brad also guides the mentorship programs involving CTTC faculty, training assistants and participants; the diversity, inclusion and belonging (DIB) efforts; and is the executive producer of the Transforming Trauma podcast. Brad has a passion for cultivating a professional learning community that provides accessibility to ongoing training opportunities and mentorship to a diverse group of mental health professionals in their work with complex trauma. Brad is also the co-author with Dr. Laurence Heller of The Practical Guide for Healing Developmental Trauma.

“I am deeply grateful to be part of such a heartful community of passionate helping professionals dedicated to healing trauma for individuals and communities around the world. My focus is on supporting mental health professionals in their trauma-informed work with individuals, communities and organizations. I strongly believe that the healing of complex trauma is a pathway to personal and collective transformation.”

Lisa DePaulis Headshot (1)

Lisa DePaulis (She / Her)

Training Manager

Lisa DePaulis is the Training Manager at the Complex Trauma Training Center. Lisa brings unique expertise in communication and problem-solving. Her previous roles in higher education and human resources coupled with a degree in mental health counseling facilitate a smooth transition into the Training Manger role. She has a passion for helping others and is eager to support faculty, training assistants, students, as well as the CTTC team.

“I genuinely enjoy learning about how people can heal complex trauma and being part of something such a wonderful healing community. I am grateful to be surrounded by a team whose passion is healing complex trauma; a vehicle for transformation on a personal and collective level.”

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Stefanie Klein (She / Her)

Assistant Training Director

Stefanie Klein, LCSW, is the Assistant Training Director for the Complex Trauma Training Center.  Stefanie is also a NARM Master Therapist, Consultant and Trainer.  She previously taught the Level 1 NARM Online Basics Training and is involved in many aspects of supporting the development of the Center and its programs. Her focus as Assistant Training Director is co-creating and guiding our Training Assistant Program. She is inspired by the mentorship model of supporting mental health professionals in bringing healing to individuals, groups and communities impacted by complex trauma. She also enjoys the training participants use their professional learning as a framework to create healthier and more sustainable relationships to their own lives.

“After decades of supporting the healing of individuals in clinical practice, it is an honor to be able to shift my focus to supporting the learning and growth of other clinicians in our training and professional development programs”.