NARM Training Certificate Request


Congratulations on completing your Training Certificate Requirements!

To receive your Training Certificate, you will need the following:

  1. Your completed Consult Log. This is the document that you complete which includes the dates and providers of all of your group/individual consults, and for some cohorts, experiential consults and/or active coachings. Blank log forms can be found below.
    1. Level 1 NARM-Informed Professional Consult Log
    2. Level 2 NARM Therapist Consult Log
    3. Level 3 NARM Master Therapist Consult Log 
  2. Your verification emails. These are the emails that were sent to you from the NARM Training Institute, or by specific providers with whom you completed training certificate requirements, verifying that you attended and completed that specific requirement. Verification emails can be submitted as image or PDF files. (Please note payment receipts are NOT an acceptable verification method).
  3. Extension verification email (if applicable).  You have one year from the end of your training to complete your certificate requirements. If you are submitting your certificate application form after the deadline, we ask that you submit the email by which you were granted an extension by The NARM Training Institute. You must have an extension to be able to receive your Certificate after your one-year deadline.

As a reminder, it is the responsibility of each participant to track their verification emails, and request them when they are missing. The NARM Training Institute is not able to verify your Training Certificate Requirement completion without these emails.